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Fluoride for Children

Fluoride, a substance found naturally in water, plays a vital role in healthy tooth development and cavity prevention. Fluoride combats tooth decay in two ways:

  1. It strengthens tooth enamel, a hard and shiny substance that protects the teeth to better resist plaque-formed acid.
  2. Fluoride allows teeth damaged by acid to repair or re-mineralize themselves.

Fluoride cannot repair cavities, but it can reverse low levels of tooth decay and thus prevent new cavities from forming.

Most children get the right amount of fluoride through fluoridated toothpaste, water, or supplements. Too much fluoride before eight years of age can cause enamel fluorosis, a discoloration or mottling of the permanent teeth. This condition is unsightly but harmless. A dentist can often treat it with cosmetic procedures.

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How Much Fluoride Is Too Much?

Fluoride is perfectly safe when used as directed by our dental office however there are some issues that can arise from using too much fluoride. Toxic levels of fluoride depend on person-to-person so it is important that you speak with us first before considering using a questionable amount of fluoride or if you have a child whose teeth are currently developing.

Fluorosis is a condition where exposure to too much fluoride causes defects in the tooth's enamel layer that often look like white patches or streaks across a tooth. In severe fluorosis cases, these patches or streaks can be brown, making them an extreme cosmetic concern and often embarrassing for many people with this condition. Fluorosis is most common in children developing permanent teeth where fluoride levels are not correctly applied and monitored. Still, it can become a problem for virtually anyone at any age.

If you believe you have fluorosis, please know that Dr. Locascio can help lighten or remove the stains to teeth caused by excessive fluoride exposure. Request an appointment or call our office directly at (916) 683-4333 to come in and have us take a look at your condition. In just one appointment, we can significantly reduce the cosmetic blemishes of fluorosis.

Enamel Fluorosis

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Safe Dental Anesthesia For Children

Locascio Family Dentistry sees children in Elk Grove. Our office sees young patients on a regular basis who have difficulties due to their age, behavior, medical conditions, or other special needs. We may recommend treating your child under anesthesia to address these challenges effectively and provide "predictable" treatment. Locascio Family Dentistry is qualified to recognize the indications for such an approach and provide such care. When you choose this option, our team will go over all of the steps that must be taken in order to complete your child's dental treatment in a timely and safe manner.

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